Paper copies of reports/worksheets due: by 6 pm 1 week after you do the lab, in your TA's mailbox on the 4th floor of Rockefeller Bldg.


Deadline for submitting reports to same day as paper due date


Deadline for reporting grade errors: 2 weeks from posting date


Deadline for requesting an end-of-semester makeup: 2 weeks from the date of the missed experiment


Deadline for resolution of all problems: First Reading Day before Finals




You may lose points for each instance of the following infractions:

          wrong mailbox, missing report cover sheet, incomplete ID.


Forgetting your notebook: Lose 5 points.


Missing lab without valid reason: a 0 for that lab.


Late arrival or attending wrong lab section without valid reason: 5% points from your total lab grade, for the entire semester per occurrence.


Late work: 10% (of total credit) per weekday until 1 week after due date, 0 credit afterwards. Penalty applies to ALL parts of the lab, even if some parts were sub­mitted on time.


Not submitting report to 0 for report. (Late submissions will be accepted with a 5 point penalty per day for one week following the original hard-copy due date.  Papers submitted more than one week late to from the due date of the hard copy will earn a score of zero for the report.)


Correctly Attributed Copying: 50-100% of value of copied work (depending on amount copied) with minimum loss of 6 points.


Plagiarism: 100% of your grade for the report and for­warding of evidence to the Office of the Dean.