(updated 25 August 2017)

In an effort to ensure fairness, we are using a plagiarism prevention service, TurnItIn, for the labs. You must submit your laboratory reports for Labs 3 (Abstract and Results and Conclusions only), 5, and 6 to this site by logging into Canvas.

You agree that by taking this course, all required lab reports or other assignments submitted for credit may be submitted to TurnItIn or similar third parties to review and evaluate for originality and intellectual integrity and that if the results of such a review support an allegation of academic dishonesty, the course work in question as well as any sup­porting materials may be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct for investigation and further action.  Understand that all work submitted to TurnItIn will be added to its data­base of papers. 

Each student (not the TA) is responsible for verifying that any electronic submissions to TurnItIn are processed within 24 hours.  Each student is personally responsible for maintaining a record of the time and date of every submission to TurnItIn in their laboratory notebook.  Each student is personally responsible to maintain and being able to produce on demand a permanent record of every "plagiarism report" email from TurnItIn to verify that the submission of each lab report has been properly processed by TurnItIn.  Any student who does not receive a "plagiarism report" within 24 hours of submission of their lab to TurnItIn must do two things: (1) they must notify their TA that they have not received a "plagiarism report" (they must also indicate to their TA the exact time and date that the submission to TurnItIn was attempted) and (2) they must submit their report electronically as an email attachment directly to their TA. These two steps must be done within 36 hours of the original submission deadline to TurnItIn.

DUE DATES: Your submission to TurnItIn is due the same day as the hard-copy report . Late submissions will be accepted with a 5 point per day penalty for one week following the original hard-copy due date.  Failure to submit a report to TurnItIn will result in a zero on that report.  Papers submitted more than one week late to TurnItIn from the due date of the hard copy will earn a score of zero for the report.

A frequently asked question list is available here on this website. If you have any other questions, concerns, or comments about Canvas/TurnItIn, please feel free to contact Dr. Driscoll (diana dot driscoll at case dot edu) and give her your comments.